Ben visited a school for children with physical disabilities

'Here they are not concerned at the moment about the environment or EU. Before them stands the robber and cowboy hero Ben Murphy Alias Smith and Jones on Norway visit.'

Time for Ben to leave

The final contest involves a race in bumper cars.

'Press conference in Hotell Klubben where Ben Murphy on the right here answers questions from the many members of the press.'

'Ben Murphy teaching Gunnar Karlson how to ‘draw’ during his visit to Linde.'

Ben Murphy

A video from Norwegian Television has been found by fans showing Ben arriving at the fair and taking part in a mock contest with a female 'sheriff'.

Find the video here:

Below are screen captures from the video.

Ben was also taken to see an historic monument by the event manager

'Linde boarding school for the physically challenged had a popular guest Ben Murphy seen here in a duel with one of his many admirers.'

Ben also met.....the Mayor's Niece  (Almost Kid Curry's 'daughter of the Mayor ')

A press conference was held at a local Hotel

He hasn't changed much  has he?

Ben had a fast draw competition with a boy named Øyvind. Note the gun in Ben's back pocket. Did Øyvind fire first?

Colorized versions of some of these wonderful photos

Media photos from the Fair

Looks like Erik Bye stops the gunfight and recommends a different type of shoot out.

Ben was interviewed by Erik Bye

Some young women had cycled a long way to see Ben

Ben arrives chased by the 'sheriff'.

​A stand off ensues. 

The 'sheriff' threw first but after a close match Kid Curry knows how to win.

In 1972 Ben attended the TØnsberg Fair in Norway. 25,000 people attended. The following photographs and articles have been provided by Aud-Torill Corneliussen who contacted the event manager and obtained his permission to share these photos and articles here. Aud-Torill has also provided a few of the photos she took on the day. One other photo from an unknown source is included. A Norwegian friend of mine has translated some of the captions for us.

Ben arrived at the event on horseback. You can just see him on the right of this photograph.

Colorized versions of some of the video photos

One fan tried to teach him a few words of Norwegian

Actor and Tennis player

The competition continues to a tin can throw-off