Actor and Tennis player

Ben Murphy

Through the Eyes of an Extra                       Grand Rapids, Michigan 2009

Family not included, there are a couple of things I'm passionate about.  Hockey is one of them.  Ben Murphy is the other.  Not necessarily in that order.  In fact, definitely, the opposite order.  Having lived my life in a suburb of Detroit, hockey is in my blood.  Having fallen for 'Kid Curry' at the impressionable age of eleven, Ben Murphy is the Heart, which keeps that blood pumping through my veins.

Tonight, my two passions will collide in what I hope will be an exciting and memorable experience.

Maybe I should back up a little.  Almost a month ago, a newsletter was delivered through this website, stating that a movie, boasting Ben Murphy as part of its cast, would be filmed here in Michigan. A little persistence in web surfing revealed there would be many extras needed for this movie, to serve as fans at a hockey game.  Hockey?  Ben?  Talk about a no-brainer!  Count me in!  Twice, please!  My sister, Linda, plans to join me!

Friday morning - Kissed my husband both 'Happy Birthday' and 'Goodbye' and hopped in the car to make the drive to the west side of the state.  I've packed a few clothing options in appropriate colors, in hopes of making myself available as a fan for either of the two teams.  I plan to arrive early enough to catch a nap before tonight's filming, which takes place from 5pm to 5am.  Pass the caffeine!

Friday 5:00pm - Never did find time for that nap, but I'm standing outside the ice arena with a host of other extras, (and my dear sister!) waiting to be signed in for tonight's filming.  I know the chances of actually seeing Ben here are slim, but the idea of being part of a movie he's worked on keeps me standing in line.  Had I ever considered the possibility of being part of a movie?  This fifty-year-old mom?  Yeah, right!  But, thanks to new incentives for filmmakers who choose to come to Michigan, here I am this August night, dressed in a wool winter coat and a toasty sweater, waiting to cheer my team to victory...or maybe not.  I haven't seen a script.  The only important fact, I already know.  Ben is in this movie!  Does anything else really matter?

Later - Standing.  Sitting.  Waiting.  So this is the glamorous world of movie making.  Quite frankly, I'm really starting to get a little bor...Hey!  Wait a minute!  That's...I jump up and cross the room full of people as quickly as possible without breaking into a full run, trying not to leave too many cross-checked bodies in my wake.  He's turning around!  He's leaving!  "Ben!"  I breathe a quick prayer of thanks when he hears and turns toward me. 

Right now, I want to pause and thank Ben for being who he is - a kind and gracious man, willing to make a fan feel like a friend.  We had the opportunity to talk a little.  I won't attempt to quote him, but hope I have his permission to mention something he shared.  He said that the sitting around and waiting is where he earns the money he is paid.  Acting is the fun part.  Then, I had the privilege of watching him at work.     

I suppose by now, you're all chomping at the bit, anxious to find out when you'll be able to see me in my motion picture debut.  Well, don't hold your breath. My acting career was short-lived. Apparently, my sister and I were extra extras.  We were "released", which leaves me to wonder, is that a polite way of saying we were fired from our volunteer positions?   Somehow, I find it difficult to feel disappointed.  How could I feel anything but ecstatic, having just spent time with Ben? 

Before we left the ice arena, I did have a chance to say goodbye to Ben and asked if he had time for a picture.  He generously agreed.

This morning, I set out in search of an exciting and memorable experience.  Tonight, thanks to Ben, I found it!

Thank you, Ben, for making my night as an extra, extra special!

Genesis Code, 2010 

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